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I've posted a couple ideas to the LJ suggestion board about things that would make maintaining this journal a lot easier for me. Unfortunatly no one thinks that these ideas are wanted or easy to implement.

What this means is that it is not easy to maintain an LJ at a level of medium paranoia. You can either do total paranoia or none at all, and anything inbetween is damn difficult. I've tried to maintain medium paranoia for awhile, and it just isn't working out, so I'm afraid that I'm going to have to switch over to the method that seems to be encouraged by the LJ staff, iron fisted dictatorship.

From now on a fair percentage of my posts are going to be friends only, and I'm going to add as friends the people I'd like to be able to see them. If anyone has been lurking around here, or stumbles accross this LJ in the future and is interested in seeing more, let me know, and I'll consider adding you to the list. If you're someone that I don't know, it's pretty likely that you'll be added. If you're someone I know, I'll have to think about it some, because although I've made some wonderful friends with random people on LJ, it's the people that I know in the real world that can have a large impact on my life.

For anyone I know who doesn't get added to the list, please don't be upset about it. I might not feel safe opening up to you, but you do matter to me, otherwise I wouldn't care if you were on the list or not.

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