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Stupid bloody hangnail! Both figuratively and literaly.

Did laundry. Went to Raido Shack and bought some floppy disks and batteries. Went to the copy place on foothill and got some stuff printed out. And since i was in the area i went to Wolfe's and bought some more peanut butter and got a bottle of rice vineager. And then while i was waiting in the checkout line i saw that they had chewy runts, which i haven't seen at other stores in the past few weeks =/ so i grabbed a handfull of those :)

Resisted the urge to buy a salad there, and then went into the village to get some money from the ATM and resisted the urge to get some indian food as well. No expensive food for me today. Should go make a sandwich for myself now.

Oh, there's one majoy annoyance with Mario Kart so far, you can't play the battle games with just 1 player. No bots :( I need local friends who like video games :(

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