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My ashke wanted to know what i bought at Costco. I told her some of it over the phone, but couldn't remember all of it without checking.

Non-food stuff:

Big 12 roll thing of paper towels
Box of garbage sacks

Was out of both those, so decided to take the chance to restock


Big 3 in 1 box of Raisin Bran
Box of Easy Mac packets
6 can pack of pineapple chunks
12 can pack of Monster energy drink
Big box of nutri-grain bars
Two loaf pack of seven grain bread
12 pack of hot dog buns
28 pack of hot dogs
2 pound block of Tillamook chedder cheese
Box of Kozy Shack rice pudding packs
12 pack of yogurt
One of the boxes with two 1 gallon containers of milk (non0fat)
2 bottle pack of A1 sauce
2 bottle pack of ketchup
Box of airheads

Think that's it.

They did have two jar packs of the natural peanut butter i like, but they only had smooth, so i decided not to get any.

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