DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Food food

Finished up "Passage" last night and went to sleep sometime around 4ish i think.

Actually got some stuff done today. Went to the post office and bought some stamps and mailed stuff and picked up some certified mail they refused to just leave in my mailbox =P

Unfortunatly i got kind of lost trying to remember where the post office is, which kind of delayed the whole day.

Afterwards i went to the mall and picked up Mario Kart Double Dash at GameStop. I also saw Wild Arms 3 and the PS2 Breath of Fire both for $20 so i decided to get those as well. I ended up getting the last copy of Wild Arms 3, and Breath of Fire turned out to be just $15 not the $20 on the sticker, so it worked out rather well :)

Then went to Costco and had lunch and did some shopping. Ended up spending about $120 on food =P Hopefully it will last for awhile, although there are a few things (mainly the milk) that i need to go through reasonably fast so it doesn't spoil. Only thing i couldn't get that i wanted was pop, because they only sell it in cans and not in 2 liter bottles.

Oh, the other problem i'm going to have is figuring out where to put all this stuff. Will have to spend some time moving random crap out of the cupboards to make room.

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