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Stayed up pretty much all night sunday night for no good reason, just didn't feel like sleeping. Got about two or three hours of sleep scattered between about four or five naps.

Morna wanted to hang out in the evening, so spent about two hours with her watching some B5. After that talked to my ashke till about 9:30, and then was _planning_ on getting to sleep.

However after getting off the phone i didn't feel _that_ sleepy, so i decided to make some dinner. Fried some tofu and pineapple with teriyaki sauce, and watched some stargate episodes while cooking and eating it. I started getting sleepy about midnight, so finished off that episode and then went to bed.

However once i actually got in bed i suddenly didn't feel sleepy anymore =P Since i'd finished "Commitment Hour" (which i liked a lot better the second time i read it) i started "Passage" by Conni Willis. I'm enjoying Passage a lot more than i did "Doomsday Book," stayed up till two or three and finally drifted off to sleep somewhere around page 169.

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