DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yummy sandwich, yummy chai

Went to the store last night after talking to my ashke. I'm not sure if i should say it was a mistake to go to the store while hungry, but the resulsts were certainly different than i had origininally intended. Got some bread, since i was almost out at home, and then while on the way to get peanut butter i decided to get stuff for making sandwiches as well. Got some roast beef and found some packages of presliced Tillamook chedder (i can never slice cheese properly.) Then i had to get condiments of course, had mustard at home, but got some mayonaise and dill pickle slices. Then i got the peanut butter, and then got some cellery since i figure i should have some kind of low-calorie snack to keep my mouth occupied. Wandered about and picked up other random stuff until i'd accumulated slightly over $50 of food. Oh well, at least it should last me for awhile.

Came home and threw out 90% of the stuff that was in the fridge and got the windex and paper towels out and did my best to do a first order of cleaning. There's still brown goo stuck to the shelves in the door of the fridge, but most of it is a lot cleaner. I also cleaned up a little outside, including the more obvious brown streaks on the wall. I have no idea what they came from. Given the distribution i have an image in my mind of Morna or Shawkial with a container of brown stuff spinning around in the kitchen as fast as they could and opening the container :) Or perhaps it's the same brown goo as inside the fridge, and it has been slowly crawling out of the fridge and been making a break for freedom. In any case, the kitchen is a bit cleaner now, and the fridge is a lto cleaner.

Called my parents after that and checked on how my mom was doing. Then stayed up playing FFTA and reading a webpage by James Alan Gardner about writing tips. Almost time for cartoons! Think i'll read some more of "Commitment Hour" until they start. Got some stuff done with job and apartment searches yesterday, will try to do more of that after cartoons.

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