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14 November 2003 @ 03:18 am
Bad body!  
You're supposed to be wanting to go to sleep now! Can't just stay up all night!

Well, actually i suppose i can, but it would make watching cartoons saturday morning difficult, and i've got to keep my priosities straight.

It's all the book's fault!

*fails willpower roll*

""Humans sometimes fudge how old they are."
"And a charming foible it is," Tic answered. "Never trust a species that tells the truth about everything -- they're either stupid, arrogant, or only interested in documentaries.""

"These days, I pick up emotions everywhere. Not just from machines, but from truly inanimate things. Rocks. Trees. Running water. I can actually feel..." He stopped, shook his head. "Crazy. I anthropomorphize everything. Except people, of course. Even my poor beleagured brain can't anthropomorphize them."

"Supposedly the missiles could distinguish androids from humans, and were programmed never to juice a living target. I wished I could take a minute to talk with them... make sure the missiles knew me as a chummy good-time gal. But the cops might get the wrong idea if I asked for a chat with their ammunition."

okay, i'll stop now, i promise :)
Current Mood: still silly