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I got to see Allyn last night, and things went much better than I feared. I was worried that she was going to be unhappy with me,but instead we both had a wonderful time.

Allyn said that I've lost weight, I'm not really sure I believe her. I wish I had a scale so I could check, but mine's packed in storage.

I don't feel like I've lost any weight, I don't look like I've lost any weight, and I haven't been eating better or exercising or doing anything that should make me lose weight.

The only difference is, and I'll laugh at the irony if it's cause of this, is that last time I went to Costco I bought two boxes of candy to take with me to work =)

I got tired of paying for a lot for stuff out of the vending machine, and most of the good stuff in there is high in fat as well. So I looked around at Costco and bought one box of airheads, and one box of Almond M&Ms.

Airheads are great because they're only 60 calories each, none of it is fat, and not all of it is sugar. It's actually about half and half carbohydrates and sugar by weight, I wish I knew how to convert grams to calories for the different substances.

The M&Ms have a lot of fat, but I figure that's a good thing as long as I don't let myself eat more than one or sometimes two bags a day. They also have a little protein in them, and hopefully the protein and fat combined will keep me from sugar crashing.

It's certainly not a good meal plan, but it's better and much cheaper than having two or three candy bars from the vending machine every day =)

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