DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More Matrix stuff

This is just too funny :)

Someone on slashdot posted a humorous list of what they were thinking while watching Matrix: Revolutions. I was going to save a copy on my computer, but figured i might as well do it here so other people can enjoy as well.

And i was thinking the _exact_ same thing about the suitcase, though i did disagree with his opinion about the music of course :)

Oh, and while reading through the comments i found a link to a mostly complete script of the movie.

from "finkployd":

Here is what went through my mind during that movie:

"So machines have emotions, well no wonder they got out of control and enslaved the human race. Emotions aren't doing us much good either these days"

"Aw that poor little girl never got her suitcase"

"so Neo can exert some form of control inside the matrix even while he is outside. I'm guessing one of the jacks on his body is a bluetooth or 802.11b adaptor"

"Isn't that the heavy metal club from the beginning of xXx?"

"/home/architect root$ nohup neo"

"The Oracle is really obsessed with candy"

"Heh, he tossed his cookies"

"Sure Neo, take your time reflecting, we aren't on any kind of schedule here"

"Metal Gears! everywhere! Crap I'm having flashbacks of 'Sons of Liberty' again"

"Come on Neo, does Real World Smith have to recite his entire dialog from the first movie before you figure out who he is?"

"Oh for crying out loud, Neo == Muad'Dib. if they set off a stone burner I'm going home"

"Those sentinels would be much more effective if their attack plan did not include bunching up in easy to target groups and flying in pointless patterns"

"Note to self: if you ever design a mechwarrier suit, make sure to include some kind of protection for the pilot rather than making him sit on the front like a hood ornament on a tank"

"That hovercraft maneuvers surprisingly well for something that has lost the majority of its engines"

"Wait don't the sentinels have lasers? Did they forget they had those?"

"Oh I see, the all intelligent machines came up with a convoluted way to use humans as batteries rather than just BUILD A TALL TOWER TO PUT THE SOLAR PANEL ON???!!!"

"Ok, I'm done being shocked and sad. You really just need to shut up and die now"

"Wow, Andross (of Star Fox fame) really gets around. Shoot for the eyes, Neo"

"If either one of these two goes Super Saiyan, I'm going home."

"Agent Smith's face is made entirely of silly putty"

"You just had to leave it open for a sequel didn't you?"

"Overall a pretty good movie, much better than most internet reviews made it out to be."

"However, hands down, worst choice of credit music ever"

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