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I don't understand my body

Okay, as stated earlier i stayed up all night friday night/saturday morning so i could watch saturday morning cartoons, and eventually got a solid block of sleep at 2am saturday night/sunday morning. You'd think following that i would need a bit to recover.

But no, i got between nine and seven hours i think saturday night, sunday night, and monday night. The last night i got sucked into the last book in the,Soprano Sorceress series, and stayed up till about 6 or 7 reading it. At tha point i figured i might as well stay up for awhile more and see what happened.

Logged onto the net at eight or nine, and Morna caught me before she headed off to work and suggested we should have lunch together,

Spent some time looking at apartments and stuff online, then took a shower and met Morna at her workplace at 1. We had a quick lunch (Quizno's, as has become usual, or at least quite frequent) and had a cinnabon afterwords.

I'd been thinking about going to GameStop and Borders, and maybe Costco. Then i decided i really wanted to go to Costco to look at DVDs, and decided to skip GameStop and Borders to save time :)

Costco didn't have the DVDs i was looking for, but unfortunatly i found that they had two copies of the Carl Sagan Cosmos series on DVD! For "only" $80! :) (As opposed to $130 retail or $98 at DVDPlanet.)

I couldn't resist getting that, but since they didn't have what i was originally looking for i decided to stop by Best Buy. There i got Knight's Tale for $10 and Stargate Season 4 for $50.

I figrure i just need to not eat out at all unless i'm actually eating with someone for the next few weeks in order to recoup what i spent today =P

Got back home about 3:30 or 4. Talked to my ashle for awhile while watching the storm and news on the flood, and then dozed off for about an hour. When i woke up again though i felt totally rested, and still don't really feel tired.

In the long run though i don't think skipping sleep every fourth day except for one hour naps is something i should ideally be trying to do. Not sure why my body felt like it though.

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