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Cat wants ice cream

Finally went to bed about 2am last night. Wasn't feeling very tired, but was starting to get a headache, so i figured i should get some sleep anyways.

Got woken up at 11 or so by my ashke, and spent the afternoon looking at flights for weddings and game company locations on Gamasutra, playing FFTA, and watching Monsters Inc on DVD.

Started getitng hungry about 5:30 and decided to go to the village to get something to eat. Very strangely, when i got into my car i remembered that i'd been listening to a Michelle Branch song on the radio the last time i used it on friday, because i'd left the radio on Star when i turned the car off instead of on the usual techno station. So i was suprised when i turned the car on and the radio was in the middle of the exact same song as when i turned it off.

I was thinking about going to the Indian place, but while walkiing there from the parking lot i decided to go to the new Argentinian empanadas place instead. Tried three of the kinds, the tofu empanada wasn't very good i thought because it had not enough tofu and too much other stuff, but the beef empanada was pretty good (would have been better if it had cheese too =) and the squash empanada was very good.

Went to Bert and Rocky's afterwards, and got some of the mini jawbreakers and some jelly bellies. They also had several odd flavors of ice cream as usual. They didn't have my favorites (espresso, green tea, or ginger) but they had bannana and pumpkin and "coffee and cookies" I decided to get a single scoop of the coffee and cookies. I was kind of worried about taking it back home in the car, but i found that the drink holder is perfectly sized for the single scoop cups :)

Now Cassie is sneaking back and forth across my lap trying to get at the ice cream as i move it from one side of the couch to the other to keep it away from her :)

Now back to the Matrix post i was working on

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