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Matrix and stuff

About 3 or 4 in the morning last night i decided i wanted to watch saturday morning cartoons. Of course having decided that at 3 or 4 the only reasonable thing to do was stay up all night :)

Went and curled up on the couch in the living room about 6:30 or 7 with laptop, book, and FFTA. Watched lots of the good cartoons, took shower and napped during some of the not so good ones.

At some point in that process got email from my sister about plans to get together with her and her fiancee to see Matrix: Revolutions. We emailed back and forth until we agreed that they would meet me at my apartment about three. They'd already seen it on thursday, but they were interested in seeing the Imax version, so we were going to try and catch the 4:00 showing at Ontario Mills.

After working that out i napped a little bit more and spent some time talking to my ashke. My sister and her fiancee showed up a little after three. They'd reluctantly decided to purchase the tickets ahead of time through fandango just to make sure it didn't sell out. Unfortunatly it was about 3:45 by the time we got to the theatre, and despite the way it's portrayed in commercials they make you wait in line with everyone else like normal to get the tickets.

When we got inside about 3:57 it was fairly packed, we managed to get okay seats about halfway to the center and a little bit back from the front.

Short and spoiler-free version. Was okay, parts of it were over-the-top, parts of it seemed inconsequential, parts of it were confusing and/or ill thought out.

After that we had dinner at Wendys and Jack in the Box (my sister wanted to get a few things at Wendys so we stopped by there first) and then they dropped me off back at my apartment before they headed over to east dorm to see some more people.

Strange, i got up at 2pm on friday,and since then have had two, maybe three hours of naps total. Yet i'm not feeling tired at all yet.

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