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Yes, i'm strange

And Justice, although it isn't blind, is rather strange as well

I've been getting some annoying laws in battle lately. One of them was "Healing," not allowed to use any abilites that heal you. After considering it a bit, i decided to risk doing the summon Kirin, which casts regen. I guessed right on that one, and i didn't get nailed. I decided not to try using any potions since i figured that would probably get a hit. (However i was still able to level up the guy i was training, using worthless antidotes on my high level chatacter instead of worthless potions =) However towards the end of the fight there was an almost dead monster standing near Marche. I could get Montblanc close enough such that he could hit the monster with magic, but he'd also have to hit Marche as well. I figured hey, Marche has an ice shield, i'll just cast Fire and it won't do too much damage to him. Unfortunatly Fire wasn't going to do quite enough damage to take out the monster. Okay, Blizzara then, and it still won't do much damage to Marche. Sure enough, it did enough damage to kill the monster, so i cast it. Then, as the little numbers poped up, i realized, hey! Ice Shield _absorbs_ ice damage, not nulls it, so Marche got healed!... Oh shit. Sure enough, the Judge bopped over and nailed Montblanc. Luckily it was just a yellow card so i didn't have to reset _again_ =P

A few battles later i got the law "Blades, Penalty for a blade hit," and just to be redundant, the law "Rapiers" as well. The only character i was going to be using in battle who had a blade was Marche, who was a Ninja with a Katana. No problem, i just gave him the "Fighter Tech" ability so he could use "Air Render," which doesn't use your equiped weapon. I moved Marche into the thick of battle since he's my heavy hitter, and he was kicking ass and taking names. Then a Thief went behind him and decided to attack. I saw the 1 hp damage prediction and laughed at the stupid thief. Then i rememberd that Marche had the counterattack ability equiped and laughed even more. Heh, stupid thief. You're going to attack Marche and do one hp of damage and then he's going to counterattack and hit you for a ton of damage. With his sword. Oh fuck. Events played out as predicted, yet strangely the Judge didn't even blink an eye. I don't know if counterattacks don't count as hits, or katanas don't count as blades, or what, but i'm certainly grateful, especially since if Marche gets a red card the game is over :)

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