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Woke up late again yesterday. Took a shower and then went to the mall to pick up Fire Emblem. (Which i had pre-ordered two or three weeks ago, along with Mario Kart: Double Dash, which is a good thing I suppose since it makes it easier to justify actually getting them now)

Went through Robinson's May as usual and waved hi to Morna, and she said she was just starting her break, so hung out with her for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Was being more annoyed than usual by all the sales people at the kiosks assaulting us as we walked through the mall. For some reason it bothers me when people act nice to me because they're getting paid to. 99.99% of the people i encounter every day have absolutly no interest in me. Probably the majority of them wouldn't like me very much even if they did get to know me, but certainly 99.99% of them aren't even interested in trying. So it really annoys me that these people who wouldn't give a fuck about me under any other circumstances are willing to pretend to be interested in the hopes of making a sale.

Morna explained to me that there are apparently studies showing that if the store people greet customers within 30 seconds of them entering the area, they're 80% more likely to purchase something. That number sounds a little high to me, but it certainly didn't make me feel any better about the idea that they've done studies to show how effective the tactic is. I resisted the urge to snap at the stupid sales people and let Morna respond to them.

Morna went back to work and i went to GameStop, and some employee said hi as soon as i stepped inside and i was tempted to turn around and leave except that i had a pre-order to pick up. Got that and then went to the food area. Wasn't sure what i wanted to get so wandered about and looked at a few places. Two of them said hi and offered samples before i went up to the register so i growled at them and left. Finally ended up at hot dog on a stick, possibly because they were too busy to say hi to random passers-by.

I usually don't mind employees being friendly when you go up to the counter to buy something, and if you go to someplace often enough for them to get to know you that's certainly a different issue. It might seem a fine line to some, but i see a big difference between being gratefull that someone is supporting your buisness and feigning friendliness to manipulate people into buying something.

Went home after eating and talked to my ashke for awhile. Afterwards went to Stater Brothers, and i actually have real food now! Bread and peanut butter and bagels and cream cheese and potatoes and A1 sauce. Oh, and got some more drinks and gave in and bought some krispy kreme donut holes as well =P

So i've got at least a little stuff with protein that i can eat without going out to a fast food place.

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