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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Overall i like the game, but there are a few issues i have with it.

First the art style annoys me a little. Although as a description the concepts don't sound too bad, the actual drawings of moogles and the lizard-men and such are annoying.

The information you're given seems a lot more limited/badly organized than in the original Final Fantasy Tactics. It's hard to find out what a specific item does, the information is available, but you have to press Select (and then select again) to find out some of it, and press R to find out some more, as well as the information that's displayed normally. The stupid little picture icons with three letter abreviations of the job types are annoying at the moment, i hope i get more used to them later. And as far as i can tell when equiping a weapon/armor/whatever there's no way to see the stats of the item or how it will affect your stats if equiped. You can also see the abilities a weapon will give you, but i can't figure out any way to get a description of the ability without first equiping the weapon on someone. Oh, and there's no way I can tell to find out the prerequisites for the other job classes.

I don't really like the story system, which isn't really much of one. I kinda like the missions, but not that the story is so dependent ont hem.

And building off that, i absolutely _HATE_ the land build system, for oh so many reasons. The sense i get when playing or watching those build your own world games is just a sense of total unreality. The ability to place entire regions of geography including all the people contained within them is never very well explained, and just blows the whole suspensuion of disbelief thing. And how are you supposed to get attached to a world that is totally different the next time you play it? I also hate the system because of the extra trasure hunt feature when you place certain kinds of lands in certain paterns. There's np way of telling how the system works without reading a faq or playing through the game multiple times. It just seems like a really stupid and annoying system to me, especially since it means you can fuck yourself over pretty early in the game and not even know you made it impossible to get some of the really cool items. I hate it when they do that.

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