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Went to sleep about 1 last night, but for some reason woke up about 6am and couldn't get back to sleep.

Read and played Advance Wars 2 for awhile. Finally unlocked the Sound Room feature. (Finished the Hard Campaign two or three days ago and got the last CO)

Actually got out of bed about nine. Watched the news while looking around at web pages. Looked up some info about unemployment benefits and am trying to figure out what to do about that. Also looked up where the nearest CostPlus was, which turns out to be at Ontario Mills,

Took a shower and moved the last of the boxes out of my car so i could fold the seat down, and left to go to Ontario Mills at 2. Unfortunatly i got confused about where it was, and wandered around for awhile trying to find it. The first time i went by the mall the big direction sign didn't say anything about it, so i drove around looking at the blocks next to the mall, but couldn't find it. Then i went back to the mall at a different entrance, and saw a sign for it! So followed that sign, and got to another sign, and it wasn't there anymore! I looked around, and couldn't see it, so i parked the car and went into the mall to find a directory map.

Found the map, and it said the CostPlus was part of the main mall, but was around the corner. For some reason they just decided to leave it off all the signs except for that one =P However i then realized that i happened to be right next to the Foozles bookstore, so decided to go there before going to CostPlus :)

Bought maaaaany books. I'd recently been trying to find a new copy of Vigilant by James Alan Gardner, because i couldn't find my old hardback copy and wanted to read it again. Tried checking in two bookstores and couldn't find it. And there i was in Foozles, and had found their sorta-science-fiction section, and when i was just about done i leaned down and looked at the very bottom row, and found two paperback copies of Vigilant! Yayayayayayayayayaya!!!!

Also found a hardback copy of the last book in the Soprano Sorceress series (for just $7 =) got some other random paperback and hardback SF, and a couple reference books on linux, and a few other random books. All totaled up to $90.

After that i took the books back to the car and drove around next to CostPlus since i was hoping to be moving lots of bookshelves out to it. Wandered around inside the store for a bit, and finally found where they had the bookshelves. Was the exact same type as the one i had already, which was what i was hoping for :)

Then i looked around for a person to help me get the ones i wanted. They a big stack of boxed sets in the middle, with the natural color ones (the ones i wanted) on the bottom with three of the brown ones on top of that, and had demos and other boxes set up around them. Asked the cashier person about it and she used the intercom to say someone should go to the bookshelves area, so i went back there and waited for several minutes, but no one showed up :( So i started moving the demo sets out of the way, and started pulling the boxes off the stack myself. When i'd removed the three brown ones and six of the color i wanted, i looked around for someone to ask if there were any larger carts to load them on. They certainly weren't going to fit in the normal shopping cart =)

The person i found said that i should pay for them upfront, and someone would move the shelves back to the loading dock and i could pick them up there. So i went to the cashier and paid. The 4 shelf ones were $40 (the 3 shelf ones were $30, a strangely linear pricing scheme) so all together it was about $250. I went out to my car and moved it back to the loading dock and started movins stuff out of the back so i could fold the seats down. Finised that, and then sat around and waited. After awhile someone finally opened the door and checked my receipt, and then said that there were only four shelves there, so the other two must be getting moved out, so he left to check on those and shut the door. I waited awhile longer and the door opened again. There was another person there with the first guy, and they moved the shelves out to the sidewalk and i loaded them into the car.

Turns out that six is ver close to the most i could safely fit in the car, at least using that loading style. I carefully headed back towards home, since every time i braked at anything other than a gentle rate the boxes shoved my seat forward a little and kind of poked through the back. I stopped by Stater Brothers on the way back and picked up some more stuff to drink, but forgot to get any halloween candy.

Spent the rest of the night doing the usual reading and playing Advance Wars 2 and talking to my ashke.

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