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Smells like camping

Since no one wanted to hang out, i decided to go to Borders to distract myself. There were a lot of large grity ashes on the ground that i could feel while walking to the car, and i don't know if there's that much ash everywhere, or if it's just getting kicked up more on the roads by all the cars going by, but it was a lot more snowy.than it was earlier today.

Kialyn had apparently mentioned that you could see one of the fires from Monte Vista, but i was suprised that you could see it all the way from Arrow. In fact, i think i could actually see the very top bits of it from the parking lot at the mall.

I bought the next two books in Alice Borchadt's werewolf series (almost done with the first one right now) and the fourth book in Modesitt's Soprano Soreress series (yeah yeah, i know, but at least it's a grade above your normal fantasy schlock =P)

On the way back i let my curiosity get the better of me (raise your hand if you're suprised by this startling turn of events) and decided to get some dinner/midnight snack from the del Taco on Foothill. While going up Monte Vista i could see the fire preaty clearly, but as i got closer to Foothill the angle between me and the hills started cutting it off. Once i was on Foothill you couldn't see as much, although it was quite a bit closer. It was a fairly small patch of fire from what i could tell, although there could have been more that i couldn't see behind the first row of hills.

Went to del taco, got some food, and drove back home along Foothill, but didn't see much that i hadn't seen coming the other way. Now am watching some more Stargate and eating.

I wish i could figure out something actually productive to do with my life on weekends =/

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