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24 October 2003 @ 11:31 am
I only saw a little bit of the fire last night when i got home. The power went out this morning after i got up, i don't know if it's related to the fire or not. It came back on after a few minutes in my apartment, but a lot of the traffic lights were still out and when i got to the U-Haul place to update my credit card info the power was out there too so they couldn't update my info right away =/

When i went outside there was a dusting of ash on my car, and the sky was cloaked with smoke to the west and north. Ash was lightly falling down, floating softly in the air like a badly misplaced snowfall.
Current Mood: fire!
Dalton Grahamdaltong on October 24th, 2003 12:50 pm (UTC)
You can see some of the fire images on a NASA site.

The image on that page was created using data from the instrument MODIS on the Terra satellite. I did testing on that science software before I moved to Cali.