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------------- and stuff and more stuff -------------
Spent most of my time off (wednesday evening, thursday, friday, and saturday) playing Viewtiful Joe and Simpsons Hit and Run, reading several books, and watching Stargate. (Bet you never would have guessed the Stargate part, huh? =)

Hung out with Morna a little on Saturday and watched some B5.

I wanted to hang out with someone and have some nice food to eat on sunday, but Morna was busy, and sithjawa wasn't answering her phone.

I finally decided to go by Border's to look for some books, and maybe try calling sithjawa again after that. I stopepd by the village on the way there because my sister had been complaining that i hadn't deposited the check she gave me to pay back the loan i made her a few months ago.

After that i was at Border's for all of five or ten minutes, enough time to buy a mocha and wander over to the science fiction section, when i saw a group of people walking by and double-taked and realized one of them was sithjawa :) Unfortunatly she'd already had dinner with her friends =P But hung out with them for a little while talking about various books and authors.

Oh, one of the subjects that randomly came up was the merrits and flaws of various styles of bookcover art. Darrel K. Sweet is, along with Micheal Whelan, one of the two authors whose cover art i can usually recognize without checking inside the flap. Micheal Whelan i recognize because he does kick ass art that looks good and is usually very accurate. Darrel K. Sweet is everything that Micheal Whelan is not.

------------- total divergence into a rant about a truly trivial thing -------------
I already knew that the covers for L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s Spellsong Cycle books were ugly. They were by Darrel K. Sweet, like all of Modesitt's fantasy books for some atrocious reason, but i had just noticed while reading the second book that the protagonist is clearly described as having her hair in a "bob cut" or even shorter. And yet, the covers for the first two books both show her with long flowing hair. I brought up my hate for Darrel K. Sweet during this conversation about book covers, and was asked for examples of why he sucked so much. Since we were standing in front of the M section i grabbed one of the Spellsong books, and it happened to be the fourth one. On it was portrayed what looks like it's supposed to be the same protragonist, with the same long flowing hair, except this time it's changed colors. This is not an unsual occurance for Darrel K. Sweet covers. Back when i used to read the Wheel of Time, we kept a list of all the metamorphosis that the characters depicted on the covers went through between each book.

So tonight i got around to reading the third novel in the series. Low and behold, the idiot actually got it right for _one_ _single_ cover. On the third book she actually has a short hair cut. The cover is ugly, i don't know why there's a horibly out of proportion (ugly) fortress in the background that looks like someone smooshed together an arabian palace and a medieval english castle, or why the (ugly) armsmen are trying to unfurl a green banner when i'm pretty sure it's described as a purple and gold banner in the book, but she's got short hair!

I suppose it's possible that in the fourth book she grows her hair out and dies it. I suppose it's also possible that the main character dies and another female sorceress takes over. My bet however is that Darrel K. Sweet is (as usual) a fucking idiot who can't even keep his fantasticaly ugly and inacurate covers consistent between any two books in the series. I can not explain why this one man's complete and utter incompetence in such a trivial matter as book cover art fills me with the desire to hunt him down and beat him and then set him on a pyre fueled by thousands of covers ripped off of the books he has disgraced.

------------- back to the stuff that has at least some bearing on reality -------------
After awhile sithjawa and her friends disapeared, or at least i didn't see them around anywhere so i presumed they wandered off. I'd grabbed a new copy of "The Last Dragonlord" by Joanne Bertin because i'd finally figured out that i had loaned my original copy to my ashke, and i wanted to loan it to Morna, a James P. Hogan book, and a Joan D. Vinge book.

I then spent five or ten minutes debating about whether or not i wanted to get the new Jane Lindskold book in the "Through Wolf's Eyes" series. twenty seven dollars and ninty someodd cents for it in hardback. I really really want. I really really should wait till it comes out in paperback and i can get if for $7. I picked it up and set it down three or four times, and finally manged to convince myself that i have more than enough books to read and video games to play till it comes out in paperback.

Stopped by the Hat on the way home, and got some chilli cheese fries, which i _almost_ managed to finish off since i hadn't had lunch or much of a breakfast. Well, i ate about two thirds of them, _maybe_ three quarters :)

Went into work early today as already discussed. Spent several hours looking through the doctors on the healh care site so that in the end i could choose completly randomly because i had not real basis for selection =P

Went to DVD Planet for lunch, and spent _way_ too much money there. Got Alias season one for my ashke, B5 season 2, combined "The Gathering"/"In the Begining" B5 DVD, Futurama season two, The Two Towers, and the first "His and Her Circumstances" DVD.

I still took awhile to drive out there and back despite work being a little closer now, and i stopped by Rubio's on the way back to get some lunch, so all in all it took almost two hours for the round trip. I almost felt a little guilty about that, till i reminded myself that we were just sitting around not really doing any work anyways :)

Game is still in submission with everyone. Apparently Nintendo told us there were a few small prolems with the GameCube build (mostly involving a theoretical idiot user who opens and closes the cover on the GameCube over and over again while the game is playing,) so they had one or two people come in on thursday or friday to fix it up, but that's back in submission now too.

And despite the fact that i probably got about two hours of sleep last night, it's 2am, and i'm not tired at all =P

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