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20 October 2003 @ 12:50 pm
I'm a what??!?  

You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice
given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went
inside and bled silver blood.. For her
misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
in contact with before. Some people may say
you are too nosey, but it's only because you
like getting to the bottom of things and
solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to
have because they are inquisitive.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Why yes, i have nothing to do today at work, how did you guess? :)

Well, other than spending several hours sorting through 1407 physicians in the Blue Cross database that have offices withing 10 miles of this zip code, and after narrowing it down to two health care groups that have hospitals relatively near home, randomly picking one of the doctors with no basis for judgement whatsoever =P Same thing with the dentist, but at least for that i only had about a dozen or so choices to throw a dart at.
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girl scoutsakurayasha on October 20th, 2003 01:01 pm (UTC)
you tend to get an answer much like that with most of your quizes, and I still remember the post where you didn't realise that everyone at a club you went to was high on extasy... poor innocent baby *huggles*