DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More Stargate stuff

Actually, these aren't _really_ spoilers, because it's only what anyone who's seen more than one science fiction series would expect in these situations, but still....

------------- Spoilers for Season 2 and last night's episode -------------

If in the process of exploration or archaeological excavation you find a body (or bodies,) that is very old, but looks "remarkably well preserved," especialy if by "remarkably" you mean "looks like they just took a nap," then you should really suspect that it's more than likely that the "body" will wake up at some point during the episode. As soon as the "remarkably well preserved" phrase is uttered someone should start running odds on whether or not the person is going to get up and start walking within the next 24 hours, it would help alleviate the shock and promote a timely response when the event actually occurs.

If you find some species or group of humans that seems friendly but very primitive (except for perhaps one or two features that you'd like to take advantage of, ie the power to turn invisible at will or possesion of a very rare metal in a highly processed form) but who claim to have greater and more encompasing but mystical sounding power, instead of laughing at their "superstition," consider the possibility that they may actually be correct and observe them for awhile before going against their wishes. Because you're going to feel really stupid at the end of the episode when the highly advanced people or their highly advanced friends shut down the stargate and prevent all future contact with Earth because the humans they met acted like jack-asses.

Many, many, many times, SG teams or people they've brought with them have returned from missions possesd be Goauld, with swapped or altered personalities, or with various kinds of switched, overwritten, or swiss cheesed memories. Along with all the standard checks for Goauld (which i hope you've started doing like you claimed, and that you're doing to aliens you bring through now, instead of just the SG members like you were the last time a Goauld slipped in) each SG member should have a five or ten minute interview with at least two people who know them fairly well and remained at base during the mission. At the very least the person who you think is the same person who left ought to be able to state their name and give a few facts about themselves. If the interviewers think they're acting odd at _all_ they should be restricted to base while more tests are run. I'm sorry, but, "everyone who is knocked unconscious after getting electrically zapped by strange alien devices should be expected to act a little strange afterwards. I'm sure it will wear off in a few days. Why don't you leave the base without supervision and go to your home to rest for awhile?" just doesn't cut it.

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