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For some reason when i woke up this morning my right arm was really sore. It was perfectly fine last night when i went to bed, but this morning it felt like the bone was aching or something. It got worse, or i noticed it more, for awhile while i was getting ready for work. I finaly gave up and took some ibuprofin since i'm not used to that type of pain, although i noticed that the bottle had expired last year. Hopefully ibuprofin just gets less effective after it expires, as opposed to turning poisonous or something :)

I was intending to go to bed at midnight or so, but i got sucked into finishing "Turning the Storm," which was apparently written by the sister of someone i knew at Mudd. I finished that off at 2 or so, and still couldn't get to sleep, so just kind of tossed and turned for a bit. Don't know what time i actually got to sleep.

I got up about 6 or so because i wanted to get into work early. I need to look through Blue Crosses website and figure out who my "Primary Care Provider" or whatever is going to be when we switch over. I'm trying to figure out if i want to get a doctor that's near work or near home. I'm leaning towards near work, since the only time i'll probably be going by them will be for regular checkups, which would be easier to do from work.

I left about 6:30 or 6:45 i think, and either the ibuprofin worked, or dealing with traffic while listening to Diamond Age distracted me from my arm. By the time i got to work at 8 it had stopped hurting, or the ibuprofin is still working.

No word in email if the game has passed submission or not. I don't see any checkins for the project in PerForce, so i'm gussing it hasn't _failed_ submission yet, but don't know if it's still in the process or what. Of course Namco was sure that the game would pass submission the first time. So sure in fact that some of us are kind of wondering why they're so sure. The more generous view is that their in-house QA did a thurough job of finding any problems that would trip it up in submission. The less generous interpretation, well, games with serious bugs have made it through submission before if a big client is pushing for it. Enter the Matrix being one of the more famous recent examples, not that we have anything even near that seriously wrong with our game :)

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