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Stupid Stargate people

So in episode eight or nine, they find Sharee(sp) back on Abados. She's pregnant, and her Goauld(sp) is quiescent because for no apparent reason an active Goauld will hurt the fetus.

Daniel and Tiulk spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out what to do about her. They finally decide to take her back to earth, where they plan to keep her locked up til they can figure out a way to get the Goauld out of her. Of course things go awry, and because they spend so much time trying to figure out what to do she ends up back with the other Goauld again.

There's just one big glaring problem with this whole scenario. In season one they went to a planet under the protection of the Asgard, which had a device called Thor's Hammer which imprisoned any Goauld who came through the startgate there. There was a device in the prison that would kill the Goauld, leaving the host alive, whenever the Goauld got sick of waiting in prison. At the time Daniel got excited about the possibiity of using this device to free Sharee if they ever found her. Unfortunatly they had to destroy the device in order to get Tiulk out, so much for the chance to free Sharee.

Except that in season 2, in "Thor's Chariot," two or three episodes before the one where they find Sharee, they go back to that planet, and get in contact with the Asgard. The Asgard remove the Goauld who have invaded the planet since Thor's Hammer was destroyed, and install a new Thor's Hammer with special instructions to leave Tiulk alone. All they needed to do was take Sharee there as soon as they found her and hand her over to Thor's Hammer. Since her Goauld was quiescent they wouldn't even hav to wait for it to get despondant, she could have just walked through on her own.

Stupid writers.

And speaking of "Thor's Chariot," inoticed once again SG-1s persistance in killing off about 20 Jaffa, but taking none of their staff weapons. It was especially annoying in this case though because they are then trapped later by about 20 Jaffa while in the company of 20 human warriors who they've been trying to help. They complain about how they're outgunned, presumably because the Jaffa all have staff weapons, and except for SG-1 the humans are limited to throwing axes. You know, perhaps if you'd picked up all the staff weapons dropped by the Jaffa you killed, and given them to your human allies, you wouldn't have been outgunned you morons!

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