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I never would have known there was a Stater Brothers on Foothill right next to the street i'm on if i hadn't stopped by Albertsons to ask the strikers if they knew where a grocery store was that wasn't on strike :)

Luckily for Albertsons the prices at State Brothers doesn't seem to be as good as at Albertsons. Stater Brothers also seems to be a little dingier. On the other hand, Stater Brothers has a _much_ better selection of pop. I got some diet black cherry pop and some diet A&W cream soda.

I also went by Radio Shack and got a new phone cord, so hopefully i won't need to worry about my laptop randomly unpluging itself from the net anymore. (The random lock-ups are another matter of course =P)

Other than that all i've done today is sit around and watch second season Stargate =P Really need to motivate myself to get some chores done and stuff.
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