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Stupid sleep

I accidently fell asleep after talking to my ashke on the phone, and woke up about four hours later at 2am.

I could probably force myself to go to sleep again, but i don't really feel like it even though i know i'll probably be pretty tired tomorrow (today?) Actually, i'm feeling more tired out here on the couch in the living room than i was lying in bed wondering if i should try to go back to sleep or not, despite having had a big chug of diet coke five or ten minutes ago =P Stupid body.

In other news, my boss told us junior programmers today (yesterday?) that there's really not much for us to do this week until we hear back from Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft about the submission, so we can be "on call" for the rest of the week.

Unfortunatly(1) the lead programmer asked me to migrate our library code from version 4.0 to 4.5, so i was stuck at work till just before 4 when my officemates got to leave at 1 =P Unfortunatly(2) we have a meeting tomorrow to get set up with our new health care provider which everyone needs to be at, so we have to go into work again tomorrow although we can leave early.

I thought about going by DVDPlanet before going home, but traffic was already looking pretty bad at 3:45, so i just went straight home. Went to the local Best Buy and picked up the second season of Stargate there and got Disgaea and the new cheap edition of Kingdom Hearts as well.

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