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The art/code freeze on friday wasn't so much of a freeze. Wasn't even a slushy. Was more like someone tossing an ice cube or two into our boiling cauldron of a project in which the bottom bits are starting to burn and stick to the pot.

I finished up most of my (current) stuff late friday night and left for home a little before 3 am. Got to sleep about 4, and then tried to get up at 8. I think i _actually_ managed to get up at 9, and took Cassie to the vet for her 9:45 apointment. She got various shots, and is apparently doing just fine other than needing a teeth cleaning which i will have to schedule later.

Took Cassie home and checked the office for packages, but they were closed for some kind of stupid management meeting =P I played a little bit of f-zero and petted cassie to try and make her feel better before leaving for work at 11.

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