DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I'm back from the trip to see my ashke.

Getting to see her was very nice. Getting co-opted into helping set up and strike down for the wedding was expected. Getting to deal with lots of minor things go wrong on the flight back was annoying.

On the flight over, the security person asked me to take off my bracelet, i said that i couldn't but that it probably wouldn't set off the detector. He said it was metal, so it would. I walked through and it didn't. I wish i could have seen his face :)

I'm curious though, _why_ didn't it set the metal detector off? Isn't stainless steel magnetic? Is it just because it's relatively light? In either case, you could certainly make a knife out of as much stainless steel as is in the bracelet, and would that pass through? Of course having just finished listening to Snow Crash on audiobook, i suppose you could always just carry on a glass knife if you really wanted to get around security.

In any event, the flight back was slightly delayed because the weather was making planes slow landing at the airport. However after we got on the plane it sat there for about another twenty or thirty minutes before the pilot announced that we were waiting for the _catering_. Needless to say this didn't go over too well, especially once people realized that since everyone in coach had been told to grab one of the "bistro bag" dinners while getting on the plane the only catering we could be waiting for was first class', at which point there were some snide comments about "i could give them my sandwich if they wanted."

A little bit later they made a second announcement saying that it wasn't just the catering, they'd also been waiting for some people who wandered off or something like that. I wasn't paying much attention at that point, but it sounded pretty stupid. It might have been convenient for the lost people that the plane was waiting for catering, and it might have made a nice excuse once they realized how stupid the catering excuse sounded to the people who weren't getting catered to, but under normal circumstances the plane does not wait if a few people are late.

In any event, we took off shortly thereafter, and awhile later the drink cart came by, and the stewardess asked what i wanted. I told her diet coke and then went back to reading my book. A few minutes later i looked up again and realized that the cart had gone on down the aisle and i hadn't gotten my drink. She'd put the napkin down, but there was no drink. Five or ten minutes later i realized that there was a bit of comotion in the seat in front of me, which was occupied by a kid sitting ahead of me and his mom next to him. The mom asked the stewardess for some napkins because the kid had just spilled his drink all over the place. Unfortunatly the idiot hadn't thought to mention this fact to the person whose bag was under the seat where the drink had been spilled. I grabed my bag out from underneath, but it had already gotten dripped on and was a little wet. The floor got pretty soaked too, so i kept my bag in my lap after that, and just ignored the instructions to put our bags under the seats during landing.

We made up some of the time on the flight, but still got in a little late. They asked those people who didn't have connecting flights to stay seated while the rest of us took off. Luckily i asked one of the airline representatives at the gate where my flight was because it turns out it had changed gates. They sugested i take the little train thing that American Airlines has. I'm not sure it really saved me much time though, because it circled in the opposite direction from where i wanted to go, and had two stops before the one i wanted. I suspect that i could have gotten there just as quickly by jogging, although i would have been out of breath in that case. In any event, they started boarding a few minutes after i got there, and the second flight was relatively uneventful.

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