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New office

Well things started off well...

I spent saturday relaxing and playing games and going to various stores and watching some B5 with Morna. Sunday i went by the mall to buy a random present for my ashke, and then hung out with Morna on her coffee break. I drove down to DVDPlanet, which didn't have either of the two things i was specificaly looking for, but i ended up spending $200 anywys =P

I headed back to the new office afterwards (which is about ten minutes closer to DVDPlanet than the old office was, which will be good for my DVD colection and bad for my wallet) and found that my electronic key didn't work =P There was one other car in the office, so i sat around for ten or so minutes, and eventually another coworker wandered out and he let me in.

I spent from 5:30 until about 9 or 10 fixing up my corner of the office and then went home.

I seem to be getting along with the other two people in my office okay, although not as well as they get along with each other.

On monday they asked me along to lunch when they left. On tuesday, the walked out of the office and then about 30 seconds later one of them came back and asked if i wanted to come along too. On wednesday they decided to go by Burger King and bring food back, and they asked me if i wanted them to bring me anything back, my mind strugled for a few seconds trying to come up with a way of politely saying "i'd be interested if i could come along, but otherwise i don't want to put you out" without making it seem like i was pressuring them to include me, and finally just gave up and said no thanks.

Today they started talking about where they wanted to go and left without saying a word to me.

Having my own office would be easier to deal with. It's easier to be alone without expectations.

On the bright side, i'm leaving to visit my ashke tonight! Or, to be technical, at 12:50 am tomorrow. :)

So i'm happy about that, feeling guilty about taking four days off in the middle of crunch period, unhappy about the social situation, and somewhat darkly happy that at least things started falling apart before they had the chance to get pissed at me for being off on vacation while they're still here working crunch hours.

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