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Holy $#%!^@!

In the past hour, i have received about a dozen emails, all from people i don't recognize, all having pif files attached. Most of them with one of the comonly listed file names for one of the recent viruses.

Luckily, i'm on a linux system, and use pine, so i'm completly immune! *sticks tongue out at stupid virus*

At first i thought it was spammers that got nailed by the virus, but when i looked at the header info, although the From address is random, the Received section says they're all from what looks suspiciously like the login name of a friend of mine. (How you doing Merchimerch? Having virus issues at the moment? =/)

If that's the case, it's apparently choosing random addresses, presumably out of her email account, to spoof the From address as. Why? Why not use her address since i'm more likely to open an email from her than from some random person she knows but i don't.

I've also received two emails from random companies saying that i sent them "potentially unsafe contents." Presumably they got sent the virus, from Merchimerch or someone else, with my email spoofed as the From address =P

And while i've been writing this another three or four have shown up =P

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