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Say what?

"The president credited two rounds of major of tax cuts with stabilizing the economy after recession, corporate scandals and a war"

Wow! He's right! It's a good thing we had Bush around to make those tax cuts, or the war would have screwed our economy over!


Hey, wait a minute....

-----------------Are people really that dumb?----------------------

Bush probably isn't to blame for the recession, economies do that. And if he wanted to say that his tax cuts stabalized the economy after recession, i wouldn't believe it was true, but i would admit that it was good PR.

However, saying your tax cuts helped stabalize the economy after recession, corporate scandal (which your Vice President was implicated in) and a war (which you started and have been implicated in misleading/lying to get public support for) doesn't seem like such good PR.

But i guess most people are just dumb. Or don't pay any attention the what the president actually says. Or both.

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