DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Shopping spree

I got woken up at 4:30 this morning by Caithris calling to talk to me before she left for work *bounce* :)

Went back to sleep for another two hours and then got up, took a shower, and rollerbladed to the repair place.

They said they had to replace the tensioner-something-or-others, so the total came to about $600. However they gave me a $58 discount, cause of AAA i guess? so it ended up at $560 =P

Got in car and went to the store to buy some shampoo and draino, because i'd just run out of shampoo that morning, and while parking i was disturbed to find that my car now makes high pitched squeaky noises if i turn the wheel all the way to the left or right. Sounds like maybe the rubber on the wheels is rubbing against something? Not really sure, but if it hasn't gone away by tomorrow morning i'm going to call up the repair people and ask them about it.

Went home, and tried to find Morna online because i'd agreed to have breakfast with her the night before, but she'd apparently logged off, so i logged off to go call her, and she managed to call right at the point where i killed the modem connection.

We met at the del taco on foothill, and spent awhile having breakfast and talking, and she showed me some pictures of her and Bricriu and their new girlfriend. I gave her a small loan because Bricriu's paycheck was late, and then headed off about 10.

When i bought teh CDs from Wherehouse on sunday, Morna and i found out when we got back to my apartment that one of them was missing, so i needed to stop by and talk to them about that. And since i was probably going to be late anyways, i decided to also go to BestBuy and get some accessories for my mp3 player.

Went to BestBuy first, which had just opened by the time i got there, and spent way too much money =P Got a cool little portable speaker. It's a "Creative TravelSound," and looks like a mini-boombox that's 2 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 2 and a half inches thick. It takes AAA batteries, and since i'd already though about doing so because of the mp3 player and digital camera, i bought some rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries and a Energizer NiMH battery recharger, which came with some AA batteries as well.

The Energizer stuff was a bit more expensive that the alternate brand they had there, but the AAA batteries from Energizer were rated at 750 mAh, while the alternate ones were only 700. It's been a long time since i took E&M, so i don't remember what mAh are. mili-Amps? But that doesn't look quite right. In any case, it's presunably a measure of either the amount or strength of the charge, and for rechargeables more is better for both those. The Energizer charger was also a lot lighter and less ugly looking than the alternate brand.

All in all i spent a little over $250 on stuff that would let me listen to audio books in the car easier. I might feel bad about that, except that everything i got actually has multiple uses so that i can apply them to other things besides just my mp3 player.

I went to the mall after that and went to the Werehouse store. I told them they'd only given me six of the seven CDs, and they asked which one was missing. I told them it was the new Poe CD, and they asked if i meant Haunted, and i checked the receipt and said yes. They said they'd seen a Poe CD recently, and one guy started looking through the CDs on the rack they had behind the counter. The other said it was a good cd, and i said that a friend had recomended it to me when i was there on sunday, and he said that he remembered me. They found the CD and handed it to me, and just checked the receipt as an afterthought when i handed it to them. Very quick and easy, i'm glad it wasn't a hassle.

Traffic was pretty light, so despite the time spent going to stores i got into work about 11:20.

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