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Ok, i'm suprised it took me this long to realize this.

There are people like Arnold Schwarzeneger(sp) who are trying to use fame to garner votes in the California recall election. However from the opposite end of the spectrum, for $3,500 and 65 signatures, this has got to be the cheapest publicity _ever_!

I bet this explains things like unknown porn stars running for the office. They don't really expect to have a snowball's chance in hell, but everyone will know thier name now. Well ok, not everyone, i don't have a clue what her name is, but for people who spend time purchasing porn videos, this is several orders of magnitude better publicity than most other porn stars ever get. I'm suprised there aren't more aspiring actors/authors/whatever signing up.

Hell, for $3,500 _i_ could sign up. Any california people out there who want to sign a petition and sponsor my fifteen minutes of fame? ;)

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