DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yay laundry!

Left work really early last night, about 8:30. Decided to get some Chili Fries from the Hat, and then decided that if i was going to get such bad for me food, that i should get some exercise first.

I went by the arcade, unfortunatly there was a guy working on one of the DDR machines, and the other one was occupied. The guy was taking the covers off the speakers and doing stuff and putting them back on again. Some people played the game while he was working on it, but i didn't feel very comfortable with that idea, so i just played a couple games of the ParaPara clone. I can now get S rank on the nine star songs, but still fail miserably on the ten star songs. Or rather, fail miseraby on the _last_ ten star song. The first two i can do just fine.

I stopped by the Hat on the way back to my apartment and got the Chili Cheese Fries. This time i got them without the tomatoes and pickles, which were good, but not worth doubling the price.

When i got home i decided to make a second attempt at laundry. I'd tried to do laundry the night before, but when i tried to start at 11 or so i found that someone had shut the door, which automatically locks. I have no idea if i'm supposed to have a key that opens it, but i don't, so i had to give up on the idea.

Luckily it was open when i tried last night, so started some laundry and then put in the last disk of first season Stargate, which turns out to only have three episodes on it. So i ate chili cheese fries and watched the first episode, switched laundry to driers, watched the second episode, went and got laundry, and then finished off the season.

I'm not tempted to go by DVD Planet and buy season two of Stargate along with Animatrix, but i really should resist the impulse. I've been trying to save money, and it's not like i don't have pleanty of other stuff to watch. Second season Utena and first season Babylon 5 for starters.

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