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It's just one of those 24-hour periods

It took me a long time to realize that Fruit street and White street are actually the same street, and that the name just changes at Foothill Blvd. I didn't actually notice it the first time i too the Fruit street exit off the 210, it happened the next time after that i took the White street exit off teh 10. At that point i realized i was looking at the same intersection from the other direction and actually looked at the signs, White on my side, Fruit on the other.

At which point, for some reason that i can not explain, the phrase "White Fruit Wielder" immediatly popped into my head. I always feel ashamed that every time i go by that intersection the phrase comes back to mind. Not because my subconscious came up with such a bad pun, but because it chose to associate _anything_ with such a horrible series =P

We got off work fairly early last night. My boss disapeared about 9, so aobut 9:45 i headed home myself, with just two or three other people left in the office i think.

Unfortunatly i ran into a really bad traffic jam just about the point that the 57 heads up into the hills. Normally i would get off at Pathfinder and work my way around. However i noticed one of the exit signs saying that Tonner Cnyn road was about a mile away, and Pathfidner was 3.5 miles away. I tried looking through my Thomas Guide to see if Tonner connected to Brea Cnyn road during the stop and inch-forward traffic, but wasn't having too much luck. Finally, about five or ten minutes later as i approached the exit, i figured there had to be some kind of connection and took the exit. I didn't even have to pull over and check the Thomas Guide more thoroughly, i just falled the other exiting cars right under the the freeway, and immediatly hit Brea Cnyn road.

I drove past Diamond Bar Blvd the first time and had to turn around, but that turned out to be kind of lucky, because otherwise i wouldn't have noticed the really cheap gas station :) It's the same price as the Arco on Arrow and Towne, but i figured it would be wise to stop and get gas then since i was running low, and didn't want to run out in the middle of Diamond Bar =P

I finally got back on the 57 past the 57-60 interchange, and decided to stop by In-n-Out to get some dinner, which is why i took the White street exit. It was about 11 when i got to In-n-Out, and about 11:10 when i got home. A little over an hour since i'd left the office =P

So had dinner, watched two episodes of Stargate, played some Advance Wars, and went to bed about 2.

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