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Utter randomness

I think i killed an ant yesterday :( And i hit a moth with my car today

I was in the bathroom yesterday morning, and my left hand felt itchy, so i reached over with my right hand to rub it without looking, and just as i did felt something there, and i looked down and there was a poor and :( I hadn't totally squished him, i'd just rolled him along his axis once, but it looked like his legs might have been messed up :'( I dropped him on the floor and didn't look to see what he did after that because i didn't want to see if i'd really killed him or not, but that's really just denial since realistically i don't think there was much hope for him :(

The moth i hit while i was pulling into my parking space at work, so i was only going about one mile per hour, and it landed on my windshield, looked confused for a few seconds, and then flew off again :) Still not a very good week for insects though =/

I tried out the solution the Audible tech support people had suggested for fixing my Otis player, but moving the files to a different folder did nothing. I played around on my own some more, and discovered that some songs caused it to lock up and others didn't.

Unfortunatly in the process of discovering this i also found that if after importing a file to AudibleManager, you then delete it and empty AMs trash, it deletes the original file off your hard drive. I lost about 10 goth/industrial songs this way before i realized what it was doing :( I emailed them about it and complained, and their response was basically, sorry, that's the way it is, and the only way to avoid it is to burn the files to CD before deleting them. So a: they're annoying, and b: as expected the basic online question answerers don't really know shit. If you copy the file to another directory first AM doesn't bother to search for extra copies to delete them. Hmmm, perhaps even simpler, i should try renaming the directory so it just can't find the original file, although who knows what kinds of madness AM might do then :)

Anyways, i knew some files worked, and being carefull about which files i deleted from AM i experimented some more. At first i thought it was the length of the file name, because the songs i was trying to put in at first had really long names. To take one of the more extreme cases for example, "Final_Fantasy_Tactics_Teach_Me_How_to_Rave_OC_ReMix_Ghetto_Lee_Lewis.mp3"

I _think_ however i have eliminated that as the direct cause however, although i need to do a little more experimentation. In any case, reducing the file name alone doesn't seem to fix the problem.

However the ID tag data also tends to be rather long. In the case of the above example, "Final Fantasy Tactics Teach Me How to Rave OC ReMix" Each of the remix songs also has "" as the Album tag.

So i decided that instead of or in adition to the filename, it didn't like having a long title tag, and/or it didn't like having an URL or some of the weirder punctuation in the album tag. Or possibly it didn't like having an ID3v2 tag but no ID3v1 tag. So i took all the mp3 files i used before, and shortened the name tag, deleted the album tag, and copied the title and artist over to the ID3v1 tag. Loaded them up onto the player, and it works now! Woot!

Of course it's pretty shoddy programming if they let the program copy over data that they know is going to fry the system, or that at least they _should_ have known was going to fry the system.

So now that i had my mp3 player working, i decided that i should actually get outside and walk to Del Taco to get lunch. I'm theoretically trying to save money, but i figured that blowing $5 at Del Taco was worth the exercise i would get walking there in back. The mp3 player worked well, except i need to get some better headphones. It came with just the ear bud things, which keep trying to fall out under the best of conditions, and especially when i'm moving about a lot such as walking. Can't imagine i'd be able to go ten feet with them if i had decided to start jogging. It took me about 20 or 25 mintes to walk the 1.3 miles there, and same time back. About 55 minutes total round trip.

Oh, and they finally told us when we're moving. The movers are going to be shipping out all the company stuff saturday the 23rd, and we're supposed to pack up all our personal belongings that friday, and anything boxed and taped up they'll move for us. I wonder if i'll get my own office this time? This will be interesting.

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