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Thoughts on Stargate SG-1

I'm about two thirds of the way through the first season of Stargate, and there are two things that keep bothering me.

Why the hell is Teal'c on the SG-1 team?

Already there have been at least three or four episodes where they're run into problems because the natives saw them and said "Look! It's a Goa'uld! Let's get them!"

Sure, he has usefull intelligence information, but if he just stayed back on earth doing long term debriefing with hypnotic aid and such, it's quite possible that it would be more a benefit than a handicap, especially to the other SG teams.

Of course he also serves as heavy weaponry, which brings up the other question.

How many times have they defeated groups of Goa'ulds? During those fights they have no problems with snatching up the far more effective Goa'uld weapons and using them against their owners. Yet at the begining of every episode Teal'c is the only one with one of the weapons again, and everyone else is back to pistols and automatic rifles and machine guns. Given that normal firearms are about 90% inefective against Goa'uld armor, and every time they get the chance they grab another one of their weapons, why not just keep them? Why not take them all and bring them back to earth? The government has been complaining that they haven't seen enough benefit from the Stargate program, just hand a dozen of those things over to the Pentagon and that'll shut them up fast.

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