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"It's an intelligent hentai slime"

Our boss sent us an email on friday saying they weren't bringing in dinner and we should all go home early :)

There had been tenative plans to get together with Kialyn and her boyfriend, and Sithjawa was thinking about joining us. However in an ironic turn of events, Kialyn said she and her boyfriend didn't feel up to going out, but then Sithjawa said she felt like doing something, which is the total reverse of what i would normally expect :)

I left work about seven and got slowed down by the usual friday traffic and picked Sithjawa up from Linde at 8. She wanted to go see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which came in third place at the boxoffice this weekend, beating out T3, so HA! to all you people who say it isn't good. And again what a reverse of the normal, i'm arguing for the movie that critics hated but is doing reasonably well financially, instead of complaining about some critically aclaimed movie that's flopping at the box office, like Mononoke Hime or such. It must be upside down day or something :)

But anyways, Sithjawa wanted to go see it (yay!) and we debated between dinner first and then movie, or movie and then dinner since she wasn't that hungry. However we decided that most of the dinner places would be closed afterwards if we went to movie first, and so we decided to go to Mongolian BBQ.

We had dinenr and discussed lots of politics and stuff, and got to the movie theatre about 9:30, and found that the next showing of the League was at 10:40, and unfortunatly Sithjawa was supposed to meet some other friends for Laser Tag at midnight. We drove over to the theatre on Mountain, and got there about 10, but their next showing was also at 10:40 =P So we reluctantly gave up on the movie idea, and went back to my apartment instead.

I started burning some mp3s to CD for her, and suggested she could pick out some anime or something else to watch. She spent some time looking through stuff, and finally picked out Bastard, which was very silly (and what caused her to utter the above quote :)

By the tiime she'd decided she should head back for Laser Tag i'd managed to burn three disks for her, and we'd gotten through three episodes i think.

We discussed the possibility of going to see The League on sunday, but she didn't get in contact with me till late in the evening, so we're going to have to see if we can work out something for next weekend.

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