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Spent way too much money at costco yesterday =P

Went to work early so i could leave early and make it to Costco before they closed.

Unfortuantly shower ran a little long (as usual =P) and didn't leave the apartment until about 6:05 or 6:10. At that point traffic was starting to build up. I decided to take the Diamond Bar detour around the 57/60 mess which worked really well, and after sitting through traffic for awhile on the 57 when i got to the 5 offramp i noticed that things were really starting to back up again, so i took the 22 east instead and got straight on the 55 from there, which also worked pretty well, which was lucky cause the 22-55 detrour can really backfire if the 55 is slow.

I actually made it to work in less than an hour because of the detours, but not much less than an hour.

Left work at 7:25 pm, and was kind of worried about making it to Costco before they closed, but traffic was amazingly light, and got there almost exactly at 8.

I was suprised to find that the food part was still open, so i got a hot dog and drink for dinner and ate quickly before running inside. Yay! Got to have cheap yummy Costco food twice in as many days! :)

Caithris wanted me to get Buffy season 4 for her so i grabbed that first, and then got the Stargate season 3 set. I then made the mistake of looking around at the rest of the boxed sets, and found a few copies of Dark Angel season 1 and couldn't resist getting that. I also found some Buffy season 2 which had a special "Buy this and season 3, season 4, or Angel season 1 and get $20 off." Unfortunatly i couldn't remember if Caithris had season 2 or not, so i decided not to get it, and unfortunatly she doesn't have it. She did say that she wouldn't mind getting season 1 of Angel also though, so i may end up doing that :)

I thought about getting Animatrix, but i finally decided that i would get the one from DVDPlanet that includes the soundtrack. I got Advance War 2 from their GBA section, and resisted looking at the rest of the GBA games :) I also gave into the power of the RIAA and got the new Michelle Branch CD.

I also got a couple random snacks while i was there, including cinamon bread! yum! :) Also got some dried fruit, a box of cup-of-noodles, and, um, some stuff.

When i got to the checkout line, they said my card was expried, so another $45 got added to renew it. The grand total came out to a little more then $250. =P

Went home after that and talked to Caithris for awhile and did some laundry and went to sleep early, because i wanted to get in early today in case my boss noticed me leaving early last night.

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