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Trying to get back in the habit

No one wanted to hang out with me during the weekend :(

-------------Thursday and Friday-------------
Apparently the head programmer on my team is taking two weeks off. I'm really wondering how he managed that in this point of time and i'm curious about what he's taking it off for.

The project manager told us that he was going to be gone for the whole three day weekend, so we could come in and work or not as we saw fit given our current schedules. I debated between coming in for friday or saturday, but it seemed like no one was going to be in the office at all on friday but a few people were coming in on saturday, so i decided to come in then.

In one sense it's nice to be here when no one else is and i can blast music on my speakers, but on the other hand, if you're going to be in on the weekend, there are certain benefits to beign in when other people are there to see it :)

Since i was planning on taking friday off i didn't leave work till about 11, and when i got home stayed up till about 4 in the morning finishing Dragon and getting a start on Issola.

I woke up in the mid afternoon on friday and went to the Village to get some indian food for breakfast/lunch/dinner since that's all that was open :) I wanted to get some ice cream at Bert and Rocky's, but they were clsoed, but luckily the Baskin and Robins on Foothill was open.

Wandered outside about nine to watch some fireworks, and spent the rest of the day playing Wario Ware and reading.

I got up about noon saturday and went to the store to get some snacks, and then to the village to ship a package off to Caithris. Spent most of the rest of the day at work. I went home about 8:30 or 9 and managed to get back just in time to stop by Target before they closed. I wanted to pick up some new bowls, because the ones i've got aren't really large enough to make ramen in :) I then stayed up till two or three playing more Wario Ware and finishing most of the rest of Issola.

-------------Freetime Sunday-------------
I managed to get up about 11 and finished off Issola. I checked email and found that i had failed to convince sithjawa to do anything fun, so i decided to go to the mall instead.

First i went to the arcade though, and played a couple games of DDR and the para-para clone. I actually managed to get a B on a four foot song! Yay! :)

I was actually getting hungry by that point so i went by Costco and had lunch there. I managed to fool myself while getting in line for the food. There were five or six lines open, and two of them had cute girls at the end of the line. However i told myself it would be stupid to get in a line just cause it had a cute girl in it and instead got in the shortest line. Unfortunatly that was the _wrong_ line to get in. The other four or five lines were all moving about twice as fast, and the girls left with their food long before i got to the front of my line =P

After finishing the food i went inside and wandered about a bit. Looked a bit at the computer and stereo section. I want to get an mp3 or mp3-cd player, but i need to price compare some more on those. I went over to the books/CDs/DVDs section, and they had several DVDs on sale that i'm interested in, but there were a few i needed to talk to Caithris about first to see if she had/wanted them. I decided to wait on buying anything until after i'd asked her about them. They also had the new harry potter book for $16, and i'm debating between buying my own copy now, or waiting till i can get the english paperback version.

I went to borders which is usually somewhat depressing. There's almost always at least a few cute girls there, who are almost assuredly at least in the 50th percentile of geekiness, just because they're in a bookstore. *sigh* Someone needs to invent a teleporter. Anyways, i wanted to pick up "Paths of the Dead," but they didn't have it :( However i was amused to note that in some of the earlier Steven Brust books it was listed as an upcoming book titled "The Viscount of Adrilankha," but in the Issola paperback it was listed as "The Paths of the Dead," the first book in "The Viscount of Adrilankha" trilogy. Someone got a bit carried away did they? :) I did pick up the three latest Dragonball Z manga in the new format, and looked at the audio books but didn't see anything interesting on CD.

I went to GameStop with the intention of buying a GameCube player, however they didn't have it in the right color, and they didn't have Advance Wars 2, so since they didn't have half the stuff i wanted i decided to just delay on everything and check again later. I did however spend money at Hot Topic. Got a $6 gothic-trance cd, and a Konami code t-shirt and a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt. I haven't even played Kingdom Hearts yet, but i swear i'm going to get around to it one of these days, and i was just happy to see an even vaguely FF related t-shirt that actually came in black that i couldn't resist :)

I stopped by Trader Joe's and bought a whole bunch of balance bars for snacks/lunch at work, and some Monster energy drinks, and some Spiced Cider and Blueberry juice because it was hot and i was thirsty :)

Went home and talked to Caithris some and then had ramen for dinner and watched a Stargate episode and talked with people on IM.

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