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So far behind...

It's a good thing i had already decided to skip dinner last night, because i never even heard them announce that it was here =P I'm a little annoyed that the one night i'm skipping out they got Boston Market, which has by far the best delivery stuff, mainly due to having lots of choices of sides and several choices of main thing.

Despite skipping dinner and only having a medium lunch, i still weighed 190 when i go home =P

Apparently there was a really huge accident on the 10-W yesterday. Traffic was backed up for ten or fifteen minutes until i got to the 57 ramp, and found that they'd blocked off two lanes and there were at least a dozen cars in various stages of getting attached to towtrucks and those big multi-car trucks you usually see carrying new cars to lots. And either several people had been driving _real_ junkers, or at least three or four of the cars had been on fire. Don't know when the accident happened, but i'm glad i wasn't anywhere around there when it did.

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