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Psychosomatic weirdness

I got up at 5 this morning to give Morna a ride to work. Of course i kept hitting snooze until she called me to make sure i was up =P

I think i'd gotten to sleep about 1am the night before. I'd made the mistake of deciding to try out my new GameBoy SP and got sucked into Advance Wars again :)

Anyways, after getting called i was sitting on the edge of my bed, feeling kind of bleary and my head was hurting a little. I thought something myself along the lines of, "i wish i wasn't so tired and my head didn't hurt." Then i tapped myself on the forehead in an attempt to distract myself from the headache or something, and suddenly i was wide awake and my head had stopped hurting!

Wish i could learn to do that on command :)

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