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It's bad traffic week or something.

Sunday night driving home there was some kind of accident on the 5 north and i ended up getting off the freeway and cutting around to get to the 57.

Monday night there was some kind of accident along the 57/60 merger north, and again i got off the freeway and went around for a bit and got back on the 57

Tuesday morning there was the huge backup from some kind of gravel spill that i took Diamond Bar Blvd to get around.

And this morning there was large backup on the 57 south/57-60 merger/57 south again, though not as huge as yesterdays. Just sat through this one since i didn't see it early enough to get off anywhere usefull.

Wonder what i'll get tomorrow =P

In other news, i borrowed the new Harry Potter book from Morna last night, and on the way back from her apartment I stopped by The Hat to get some chili cheese fries. I quickly finsihed up the last few chapters of Andre Norton's Star Ranges, and then stayed up till 6am reading Order of the Phoenix and got to page 440.

So far i think it's pretty good. It's true that it's darker than the others i suppose, but i kind of view it as being more realistic. I also think the characters are acting for the most part like you would expect normal teenagers to act :)

This is all of course based on being almost exactly halfway through the book.

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