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Traffic avoidance

Had to be in work early today, because Namco is coming to visit.

My alarm went off about 7, but as expected, i didn't even really begin moving until 8 or 8:15. About 8:30 i heard a traffic report on the radio saying that there had been a gravel spill on the 57 south, and it was backed up onto the 60/57 merger.

I actually left the apartment just before 9, but when i got off of the 10 and onto the 57 i saw that traffic had backed up almost all the way to the onramp from the 10. I decided that i really didn't want to sit through that, so i got into the lane to get off at Temple, and while waiting for that traffic to inch ahead got out my Thomas Guide. I figured out that if i turned left on Temple i could get to Diamon Bar Blvd, which goes all the way past the 57/60 interchange and several miles beyond.

It took me about 15 minutes, but when i got back on the freeway traffic was clear again :)

I ended up getting into work about 9:45, pretty good considering how badly traffic had been. Yay alternate routes! I'd take it more often if i had some way of foreseeing how bad the traffic was going to be before passing the Temple offramp. It's not often that you can see how bad things are that early.

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