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Rain rain, and DMV

I don't know where all the clouds and rain came from. Okay, not so much rain as a kind of misting. Still, certainly more than usual in SoCal. I'd blame my dad for bringing the weather with him, but he went back home on saturday.

If i lived four miles south of where i live now, i'd be four miles closer to work. Amazing how that works out :)

I went to the DMV this morning, because i realized on saturday that my drivers license had expired a week earlier. Oops :)

I'd like to congratulate the DMV for joining us here in, well, um, the 60s or 70s actually, but it's the thought that counts.

I showed up at the DMV about 9:00, expecting to spend awhile waiting in line, but hoping that it wouldn't take too much more than an hour.

I'd originally planed to get there whent hey opened at 8, but i didn't manage to get out of bed till 7:30, wasn't in the shower till 7:45 or so, and then did a quick review of the practice tests on the DMV website at 8:30.

According to the website, in order to renew your license you need to fill out a form, pay $15, pass a vision test, and pass a short version of the written (ie multiple choice) test.

When i got there i was suprised to find that there were no lines! They know have a person at the front who gives you a ticket with your number (or rather letter-number combination) on it that will be called when it's your turn. Just like they've been doing in the post office for decades! :)

In any case, it may be a good thing that i didn't show up at 8. By the time i finished filling out the form, they were getting really close to my number. I sat down for three or four minutes and then got up to go to one of the counters.

They checked my form, then did the vision test. Apparently i didn't do so well the first time, in large part i suspect because i was at the only counter that didn't have it's own vision sign, so i was told to look at the one for the next desk over =P However she had me go do it again at the little eyescope thing, and did just fine that time.

She handed my the temporary form, and sent me over to the camera line. I noticed that some of the people when they were done in the camera line were told that they were done, and others were told to go to counter one, which when i looked over was right next to where all the desks for taking the written test were. I got to the front of the line, signed my name, had my thunmbprint scanned (briefly considered testing whether she would notice or not if i did my left thumb instead of my right =) and got my picture taken. Then i was told that i was done! I don't know why i didn't have to take the written test, but i didn't ask, and i'm not going to complain.

So all told, instead of about an hour there like i'd been hoping, i was out again in less than 40 minutes :)

Since i was so far south anyway, i just went a little further south to the 60, and the commute seemed a lot shorter! Part of that was probably because it was a light traffic day, however part was probably also that it was four miles shorter, and i was avoiding one of the freeway mergers that tends to be fairly congested. I wonder if my commute would work out to be significantly shorter on average if i lived down near the 60.

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