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I am so tired.

I have succesfully moved out of my apartment. I've not moved in anyplace yet, but I've moved out =)

This would not have been possible without massive amounts of help from Morna, Shawkial and Gwri. Allyn wanted to help, but she had work both days I was moving.

It took almost three hours to find a U-haul truck we could rent. In the end, we were going to five up and get a pickup truck instead when a 14' trailer suddenly showed up at the first U-haul place we'd looked at. In the future I shall have to remember to always make reservations for trucks when moving.

Morna packed up lots and lots of stuff for me saturday evening before she had to go home and get some sleep before work the next day.

I spent from about midnight to 10 or 11 packing things and carrying them out to the truck. Unless it was something very light, I could really only carry one box at a time. I had to go down one flight of stairs, and then walk about 200 or 300(?) feet to the truck amd load it into the back. I made a _lot_ of trips.

I've got blisters on my feet, bruises on my arms, some scrapes on me legs, and my arms and legs are both really sore.

I was supposed to be out by nine. Well, technically I was supposed to be out by midnight, but the office told me that I just had to have my keys in the drop box by nine (when the office opened in the morning.)

At nine I had most of the stuff moved out, but there was still some random junk that needed to get tossed in, and a lot of trash that needed to be picked up. Luckily, I had copies of the keys, so I left the door unlocked, turned in the originals, and kept the copies, and continued to pack.

About 11 everything was packed into the truck, so I moved it outside and parked it on the street. I went to the office and told them that I'd forgotten to give them the remote when I turned the keys in and appologized for it. Luckily they didn't seem to care too much.

I then finished cleaning up the apartment, and carrying trash out to the dumpsters, and left at about noon. The truck was supposed to be back by 1:30, and I got there at about 1:00, but it took them forever to rent me a storage space, so we actually started unpacking the truck at about 1:45. Shawkial and Gwri were there to help, and did a wonderful job. About 2:30 or 3:00 we finished getting everything out onto the sidewalk, and I went to turn the truck in, and while I was doing so, Morna showed up, having apparently just gotten off work.

The three of them told me to sit down becuase I was starting to act a little loopy aparently, and started moving stuff into storage for me. Morna took me across the street to a crappy McDonalds to get some food. It wasn't great food, but I hadn't eaten for about twenty hours, so I was very grateful. Why I hadn't come up with this idea on my own I'm not sure =)

Then Shawkial came over to get a salad shaker and a drink and sat with me while Morna went back to help Gwri move stuff. By the time I got back, most of the stuff was already in storage!

I helped them finish getting stuff in, but only a little bit. I owe the three of them so much!

After that, we went back to Shawkial and Gwri's place and I took a nap. I got woken up an hour or two later by Allyn calling to find out how things went. She'd just gotten out of work, so she came over to see me! =)

She wanted me to sleep, so she said that if I went right to bed after spending a little time with her, she'd cancel her plans for Monday evening and spend the time with me instead =)

So we spent some time together, and then I took a shower and went back to sleep for ten or eleven hours.

Whew, now I just need to work on finding an apartment.

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