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Ack! :(

Saw a very stupid bunny today! Maybe it was a very smart bunny as well, but definitely a very stupid bunny!

I turned right onto Redhill coming to work, and was a fair bit ahead of the rest of the cars that were starting to come through straight now that the light had changed, when i saw something small moving across the _SIX_LANE_ROAD_. (Seven if you count the center turn lane)

I slowed down, and saw it was a baby bunny! =/ The bunny saw my car, and stopped movind in the second lane, so i moved over as far to the right as possible and went past it, and looked back in my rearview mirror and saw the bunny finish crossing the road.

I'm impressed it knew enough to stop and let my car pass, that's far better than the dumb-bunnies that lived around my house, but _still_! I'm kind of worried what's going to happen to that bunny in the future :(

To paraphrase a quote from Spider-Man, just because you _can_ cross the road, doesn't mean that you _should_

In other less worrisome news, i left work about 10:00 last night, and went to the DDR arcarde again :) Played, 15 or more songs of DDR, and six of the Para Para-lookalike songs. Tried the guitar game again, failed miserably again. Tried the drum game that's hooked up to it, did better on that, got about halfway through a song.

I left about 11:45 and got home about midnight, and stayed up _way_ too late reading =P I started um, some book by Jack McDevitt on monday, and have gotten addicted to it. I think i got to bed about 3, but i'm not sure.

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