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Orson Scott Card will in fact be doing a book signing at Mudd on sunday! *bounce*

That caused me to think however, perhaps i might want to buy a new copy of Pastwatch since the old one is getting a bit beat up after four or five readings.

One little problem though, what are my odds of being able to find any Orson Scott Card book in stock at any bookstore in Claremont or the surrounding areas tomorrow or on Sunday? :)

Another totally unrelated annoyance. IGN has a new article titled "E3 2003: Spawn Movies" I think anyone who was asked what they thought IGN meant by that would say that IGN had movies of Spawn from E3.

They would be quite wrong however. Apparently the title actually translates as "E3 is currently happening, and we coincidentally have left over movies of Spawn from a build that was made a few weeks ago."

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