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I suppose out of all possible days, this was the 2nd best (well, 3rd technically) day possible to completly sleep through my alarm =P

I'm not sure what finally woke me up at 1:30, but my first reaction was, understandably, "oh shit!" followed by a more reasoned "hmmm, i wonder if anyone will notice."

Took a shower, headed out the door at 2, and didn't get here till 3 because of having to get gas and lots of traffic.

The one other person in the office did notice me come in, but he certainly didn't think twice of it :)

Unfortunatly the person planning the dinner tonight finally answered my email, and said "most people dress up a little for the dinner. :)"

What does that mean? Does that mean that most people dress up but some people don't, in which case i'll look okay showing up in jeans and a t-shirt? Or does it mean that almost everyone will be dressed up and i'll stick out like a sore thumb like that? I _HATE_ figuring these things out, i just should have not RSVPed in teh first place =P

The most annoying part is that if i go home to dress up, i should plan about three hours for driving home, changing, and driving out to LA. Which since the dinner starts at 7 means i should be leaving at 4, and hour after i got here =P

I really should have just pretended i was going to E3 today and not shown up here at all =P

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