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-------------Piranhas and donuts-------------
Everyone left (relatively) early on friday as usual. I left the office about 8:30 and decided to call various people and see if they were interested in dinner. Tried Kialyn first, but she wasn't feeling well and was expecting company soon, so we talked for about a half hour instead. I then tried calling my sister, but she didn't answer, then tried calling Sithjawa, but she didn't answer either =P

So about 9 i actually started driving home, and when i got there tried calling my sister and Sithjawa again, still no response. However when i logged onto AIM a few minutes later, my sister was online and active. She said the phone was in the next room and she hadn't heard it =P

I asked them about dinner, and they said they'd been snacking all day or something and didn't feel like a meal, but when i happened to mention the thought of going to Krispy Kreme they were all over that idea :) They said they were going to start ST:NG in the lounge at 11, so i headed over to Ontario Mills and got 2 dozen normal donuts and a dozen assorted filled ones. I stopped by In 'n Out on the way back, but i waited in the drive through for about five minutes without it moving at all, and it was almost 11, so since there was no one behind me i figured i'd just have doughnuts for dinner and backed out of the drive-thru line.

Went to East and my sister and her fiancee weren't in the lounge, so i went up to their room and found them. My sister grabed four donuts to save for her and her fiancee later. We went down to the lounge to start up the episode of ST:NG, and dumped the dozen and a half remaining glazed donuts on the table and watched the piranhas swarm over them. Luckily those distracted them from the box of assorted donuts i had in my lap :) Ate four of those, and two of the glazed that i'd grabbed earlier, and then passed the rest of the box around.

The other advantage of the swarming was that the three of us managed to grab seats in the front couch :)

After the episode was over i hung out with my sister and her fiancee in their room and chatted with them for awhile, and finally headed back to my apartment about 12:45, and fell asleep on the couch between 1 and 2 think.

-------------Sunday with Kialyn and Morna and A1 sauce disasters-------------

Woke up about 9 on sunday. Spent awhile reading, and then got online and managed to get ahold of Kialyn and managed to set up dinner for 5. Well, at first it was for five, then it was for 7 or 8, then 5 again :) I read for awhile more and then called my mom for Mother's Day, and also worked out plans with her for what's going on during my sister's graduation next weekend.

After talking to her for awhile i went and took a shower, and when i got out realized it was almost 4:30, and i'd meant to go to the storage place. I ran off, and managed to get there and get some stuff out of storage before they closed. Got my old tv/vcr, and my stereo system, and some other random boxes of stuff.

I didn't have time to drop the stuff back at my apartment, so just went straight to East and picked Kialyn up. We tried calling Sithjawa to see if she was interested in dinner, but she still wasn't answering her phone =P

We eventually decided to go Chili's (yay indecisive people!) and she had fajhitas and i had a Pepercorn burger which was good. I asked teh waiter who brought our food if i could have some A1 sauce. He came back with the bottle a few minutes later and set it on the table. After finishing the burger, i grabed the bottle, and like one _always_ does with a bottle of A1 sauce, i shook it. Either the waiter was an idiot, or the person who put it back in the server area in the first place was an idiot, because they'd unscrewed the lid, but left the lid sitting on top so that it looked safe to shake.

A1 sauce everywhere.

Big puddle on my shirt, some on my pants, sprinkled droplets across the seat and wall. Gah

Cleaned up as best i could with the napkins at the table, then went and got more napkins, then went and cleaned up some more in the bathroom. Resisted urge to yell at the staff.

After we finished i took Kialyn back to her room for a bit and we talked and traded backrubs for awhile.

Went back to my apartment and talked to Caithris on the phone, and then went to the store and bought lots of stuff including cat food for my cat, and cleaning stuff to clean up the apartment some before Caithris visits.

I started cleaning up the living room some more, then got bored and got online. Morna was on IM and said she was bored to. I said i would be happy to hang out with her, but i needed to clean, so she decided to come hang out at my apartment while i cleaned! :) She also said that she and Bricriu had decided to give me their old DDR set! *bounce!*

Morna came over and brought me the DDR set *more bounce!* and we spent awhile playing Super Monkey Ball, and then i started up the Lord of the Rings with the cast commentary on, and Morna watched that and talked to me while i reorganized the living room somewhat. She decided to go home when the first half of the movie ended about 2am, and i went to bed shortly thereafter. The living room looks a bit less cluttered now! Yayayayaya! :)

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