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First off, i'm incredibly annoyed by Capcom's latest buisness decision. They just published financial results for the last year, and their plans for this year.

Platform Actual Sales in 2002 Originally Planned 2002 Forecast for 2003
PlayStation 2 6,830,000 8,750,000 7,600,000
GameCube 3,230,000 3,200,000 2,200,000
Xbox 280,000 600,000 800,000
GameBoy Advance 4,830,000 -- 2,040,000

Who came up with this brilliant strategy?

"Sir, we've got the sales figures in, and we sold 20% less playstation titles than expected."
"Hmmm, that's not good, cut down on Playstation development by 10% for enxt year."
"Sounds like a good idea, okay. The Gamecube did well. We sold just slightly over the expected number of units, shall we make some more gamecube games?"
"No, that makes our Playstation sales look bad, let's cut back on the Gamecube by 33%"
"Sir? Um, okay, well, the XBox sucked, we sold less than half the expected number of units."
"Increase production by 33%!"
"Er, are you sure sir? Well, um, and the Gameboy Advance sold..."
"I don't care! Just cut production in half!"
"Uh, sir, should you be banging your head against the wall like that?"
"HAPPY! *thunk* I feel HAPPY! *thunk*"

The only explanation I've heard for the reduction in Gamecube games was that their GC Resident Evil games were underselling. However given the final results that means that clearly some other titles were _OVERSELLING_. That might cause them to think that perhaps making new games generated more sales than rehashing old series. However this is Capcom we're talking about, so clearly the correct answer was to slash all Gamecube development *growl*

In other news, the XBox division of Microsoft has lost $190 million this quarter. Does Microsoft care though? No! Cause they can feed the XBox division forever with the proceeds from their $%!%!$@! monopoly!


In slightly less agravating news, Sony is planing on releasing a handheld system to compete with the Gameboy. It sounds like they've got some interesting features planed for it. Of coruse, when it was just a matter of press releases Sony had some interesting features planed for the PS3 which kind of evaporated once the _real_ specs started surfacing.

But maybe they'll actually carry through on these, and maybe it will prompt Nintendo to innovate a little more with the Gameboy. I wonder if they've got any announcements planed for E3 about the new Gameboy?

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